Other competencies

Bond Yield-to-Maturity calculator

The bond YtM calculator was developed as a prototype application that eventually ended up in our client’s terminal product. The calculator is able to deal with various day count conventions such as 360/30, ACT/ACT, ISMA, etc, etc, to calculate the accrued interest. 

Option pricing module and implied volatility calculation

The option pricing and implied volatility calculation were developed as a prototype application intended to be incorporated into the terminal product of our client. Due to the cost of maintenance, the prototype was not incorporated into the terminal. Instead an open source QuantLib was incorporated into the product, based on our recommendation. The following screenshot is taken from the terminal product that was developed according to specification and recommendation of Stachanov. 

Interest Rate Swap pricing

For training purposes, we have developed an MS Excel based interest rate swap pricing tool for our clients. It simulates the environment of major banks, where banks enter swap deals with or on behalf of their clients. The tool is geared towards middle office, where staff needs to recognize the complexity of the swap and to understand key factors that affect risk exposure of the swap portfolio. The tool can price either fixed legs or floating legs. It allows stepping coupons and front/back loaded deals.

Product specification and Project management

Stachanov’s knowledge of finance, financial markets, and IT project management leads our company to a very specific area: Providing specification of product development and managing the implementation of product development projects. Very frequently, we draw up specs for our customer and manage projects on behalf of our client. 

Also, four Stachanov staff have recently fulfilled interim management secondments at ABN Amro in the IT, market data and transaction banking BUs. References upon request. 

High-end hosting & support

Stachanov is a preferred hosting partner for many of its customers. Both Stachanov and its downstream partners are ISO9001- & ISO27001-certified. The latter, information security, is an important asset in the entire value-delivery chain to the end customers. Stachanov has put many tools and processes in place to continuously monitor internal and external systems and support processes.  

In addition, Stachanov has a group of dedicated support engineers that are trained for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line support in Business as Usual environments. Thus Stachanov operates acclaimed support desks for a host of professional customers, both in public and private sectors. References upon request. 

As the team is multicultural we can operate fluently in English, German, French, and Dutch. Training is an integral part of the way we work.