Finnat site

As early as 2001, Stachanov has developed a three tier trading enabled web site as a subcontractor for an Italian bank. The product displays market prices and order status in real-time. It allows the end-user to trade stocks, bonds, and futures. The system uses the SOAP protocol to communicate with the bank’s order processing system. The site can be reach at The portfolio area is protected so it is not possible to access this area without having an account with Finnat.


Fixed Income Trading

Stachanov has developed a fixed income trading product that is based on the FIX protocol and MS Excel. The product allows the trader to not just act as a trader, but also as a market maker and liquidity provider. The product processes market data, receives internal theoretical prices, and automatically updates the market quotes.


FIX protocol

Stachanov has also developed a FIX 4.4 based internal communication protocol that allows for switching from a data display oriented internal protocol to a trading oriented protocol.